We Make Entrepreneurs.

Providing end-to-end enterprise programmes for learning providers and start-ups.

For Education

Slingshot Programme

Building students with the potential and confidence to achieve great things, through our formula, E3.

Entrepreneurial Mindsets
Providing students with all the confidence, knowledge and guidance they'll need to successfully start a business.
Enterprise knowledge
Equipping students with the skills needed to be resourceful, problem solvers and to have initiative to reach their objectives.
Employable Skills
Internal entrepreneurship, or intrapreneurship, is becoming a very desirable trait of employees in the workforce.

Certified courses, teacher training, student support and a virtual learning environment — we've got you covered.

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Rocketeer Platform
Everyone can be an entrepreneur — from liberal arts majors to engineers to business students. They can be entrepreneurial in startups they initiate, in companies they work for, in social enterprises, and in businesses started and run by their families.
Kerry Healey
President of Babson College

For Start-ups

Labs Programme

Designed to accelerate the growth and success of start-ups and navigate them on their journey with our array of business support resources and services.

We provide the one-stop shop for the launch of a successful start-up, from idea to launch and continued support.
We have a network of experts from all business sectors which have enriched our programme with their expertise and support.

Virtual incubator programmes, an entrepreneur community, virtual mentors alongside certified courses — we're all the support you'll need.

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