Rocketeer has been nurturing entrepreneurial spirits since 2014, and we are quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ company for delivering enterprise and entrepreneur training programmes for organisations large and small.

Our speciality is in delivering enterprise and entrepreneur training within the education sector and we work closely with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) as a recognised IOEE Academy, and the UK sector skills body for enterprise – SFEDI. This ensures that our programmes, courses and content are delivering up to date knowledge and skills based on national best practice and mapped to the National Occupational Standards.

The Rocketeer approach to training is to collaborate on a delivery programme that is tailored to the requirements of the organisation, taking into consideration their learning objectives and needs. Around this, we build a series of training and delivery modules providing a whole host of learning materials to support the learner and the delivery teams in developing their enterprise and entrepreneurial skills.

Through our use of a wide variety of training resources, all students are encouraged to adopt the mind-set of an entrepreneur and realise the opportunities that exist out there for those willing to take a chance – it is after all, how we ourselves came into being. We identified a gap in the training and development market, a need that wasn’t being fulfilled and we set about servicing that need with our offering.

Not only are we passionate about the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, the people that will shape the way we live, but many of the skills learnt on our programmes can also be used by existing businesses and their employees to make the business more efficient and productive, better meeting the demands and aspirations of their customers.

Rocketeer is made up of individuals with their own specialist skills, from a multitude of different backgrounds whether that be business and/or educational training backgrounds, which allows us to bring first-hand experience of what it takes to build and run a successful business.

Our realisation is that enterprise and entrepreneurial skills are required all around the world and our Incubator and Accelerator workshops, which are delivered as part of a wider programme, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Our aspiration is for this to continue to grow both in the UK and abroad and through our online learning resources, it is our commitment to help learners from every country realise their potential.

The Rocketeer way is not just about delivering a qualification but it is about equipping learners with the practical skills and knowledge that they can apply in a real-life business situation – that is the Rocketeer difference.

To find out more about how we can work with you and your organisation, please contact us and we can discuss the difference we make.

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Letter of Introduction

At Rocketeer Enterprise, we make entrepreneurs.

Our goal is simple – through a variety of methods, create as many entrepreneurs as possible, and support them as they get off the ground and launch them into the enterprise atmosphere.

We firmly believe that entrepreneurs have the ability to change the world, and because of this we are dedicated to ensuring that those who feel the passion and desire to start a business of their own are able to receive the training, guidance and support they need to realise their dream.

Whether we’re creating high quality content for enterprise courses, or delivering entrepreneur training programmes, we’re constantly working towards a single goal of changing the world one entrepreneur at a time.

Press Releases

Logo Package