Mission 1

Startup Incubator - Mission 01

Ready to take your business to the next level? Our Startup Incubator programme is here to do just that. In this course, ‘Prepare To Launch’ you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to set up a business and ensure its success. This introductory session explains:

  • How the Incubator Programme works
  • What you need to do to action the insights that we provide.

‘Prepare To Launch’ ensures you will get the most from this incubator programme as you learn the steps involved needed to develop, create and launch your own business idea.

If you are not yet sure what your business will be, we recommend you look at our ‘Creating and Starting a Digital Business’ Course before you start this incubator programme.

The Start-Up Process

Preparing For The Start-Up Process
40 Mins
Finding Your Motivation
20 Mins
Knowing What You’re Good At
25 Mins
Applying Your Strengths To A Business Model
25 Mins
Developing Your ‘E’ Skills With The Infinity Loop
25 Mins
Test Your Knowledge
17 questions

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Duration: 2 hrs
Lectures: 5
Level: Intermediate

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