The Power Of The Mind

Startup Essentials

Everyone has it in them to launch a successful business. You might not think or believe it, but it’s the truth. Sure, you’ll need a little bit of luck along the way and your first business idea might not be the one that makes all your dreams come true, but what sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the working population is their mindset. We might think of successful business people as being assertive or confident, and while it’s true that some of them may have those personality traits, that’s not how everyone starting a business needs to be. What makes successful entrepreneurs is the way they set themselves up and approach business ideas. In,The Mindset Needed To Launch A Successful Business – The Power Of Your Mind’, we’ll help you realise that you already have it within you to be successful in business. You’ll learn simple techniques for unlocking the power of your mind and business hacks for focusing it on what matters most to you with your new venture. We’ll share with you ideas and plans you can put in place today to create and deliver tomorrow’s type of business.

What you will learn…

  • What it means to have an open mind 
  • How to develop an open mind 
  • The power of questions 
  • Identifying your own needs, wants, interests, and goals for your business 
  • How to develop a growth mindset 
  • The techniques used to keep the motivation going if times get tough  
  • The benefits of having a mentor and how to find one
  • Creating a growth mindset personal development plan

If you already believe you’ve got the right mindset to be successful in business, that’s fantastic. This course will simply help you shape and structure your approach so that you stay on track and get to your goals quicker. For those of you that aren’t quite there yet, don’t worry.  Adapting your mindset takes practice and perseverance, but it is something that everyone can achieve.  Remember throughout the course to make notes on how you can adopt a growth mindset to turn your dreams into a reality.  


5 mins
Being Open-Minded
10 mins
Developing An Open Mind
10 mins
The Power Of Questions
10 mins
What Do You Want To Get From Your Business?
10 mins
How To Develop A Growth Mindset
10 mins
Top Tip Techniques – Keeping The Motivation Going
10 mins
The Benefits Of Having A Mentor And How To Find One
10 mins
Creating A Growth Mindset Personal Development Plan
10 mins
Rounding It Off
5 mins
5 mins
Test Your Knowledge
7 questions

Knowledge Boost

Transferable Skills And A Growth Mindset
15 mins

Rocket Fuel

The Mindset Needed to Launch A Successful Business
45 mins

Next Steps

Putting It All Into Practice
25 mins
Looking For Inspiration
5 mins
Develop Your Business Skills
5 mins
Get Mission Ready
5 mins

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