Programme Overview

Designed to accelerate the growth and success of start-ups and navigate them on their journey with our array of business support resources and services.

Rocketeer Labs is a Start-up Incubator for business start-ups and students in education. We provide the end-to-end support for entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow their business.

We’ll first provide the knowledge required for every stage of the business, and then guide entrepreneurs through the fundamental steps that need to be taken and even design and develop their brand and web presence.

With a focus on technology and digital within the changing word of business we provide all the growth multiplier tools any modern entrepreneur needs to know about in order to stay afloat and maximise their efficiency in today’s economy.

Once launched we can offer ongoing mentorship, guidance on becoming investor ready and help on the journey towards growing further. All of the course material can be accessed from our online incubator platform, where you’ll also find a like-minded community of entrepreneurs.

Business Timeline

We provide support for any stage of the start-up process. Below are some of the key stages of a start-up and where we come in to the process.

Business IdeaIdea

It’s part of business mythology that successful entrepreneurs are somehow hardwired to have ideas. But the truth is, anyone can learn to think more creatively. We will help students develop their idea using various methods and run it through some vigorous tests to see whether it’s a viable business.

Business DevelopmentBusiness DEVELOPMENT

Now that they’ve got an idea of what their business is we’ll start getting down to the nitty-gritty with a business plan and start to look at the purpose of the business, what they sell, who they sell it to and how they’re going to make money. Then we’ll begin to look at the business model.

Brand DesignDesign and development

At this stage, they’ll have the vision of what their business is, but they’re yet to stamp their visual mark.

To achieve this to the highest standard we have a design agency lined up to help students design and develop the brand and digital profile, creating their visual business identity assets such as marketing material, logos and a website.

The design agency will take students through a discovery phase to translate the vision and company values into its visual form and they’ll also look at the student’s positioning in the market and any competitors they may have to see how they want to portray themselves in comparison.

Business InvestmentInvestment readiness

Once they’re all set-up with the foundation of the business we’ll get the student investor ready with a pitch deckA presentation of your business plan. and executive summaryThis is where you get across your big idea., then, if they like we can send it through to our network of investors or signpost them in the right direction.

Business NetworkMentoring and networking

The incubation doesn’t end here.

Not only will the student have a personal instructor when undertaking our incubator programme, we also have a network of experts from every corner of business to help them every step of the way, and we’ve squeezed all their knowledge out and condensed it into our programme.

Sometimes, students may find themselves needing specialist knowledge. They will be able to ask our network of entrepreneurs in the forums on our platform or collaborate with others who complement their skill set.

Business GrowthGrowth

Whether they’re at this stage coming into the programme or they’ve reached this stage with us, we can look to help business owners expand and open up further opportunities.


If you’re an entrepreneur looking for start-up support or a learning provider seeking to deliver this programme to your students please get in touch so we can get things rolling.

Programme Features
Above are some of the features included in this programme, click them for more information.
Our content consists of video, written and interactive content.
Train the trainer is available for this programme. We are able to train your staff to deliver the course effectively.
Our courses are mapped to qualifications set out by SFEDI Awards and our programmes are recognised by the IOEE.
We support independent learning and offer digital badges for completion of modules.
Students can be provided with online access to our learning platform to complete the programme's courses.
Courses are available in printed format.
Students can have access to their own community of like-minded entrepreneurs to share questions and ideas.
The courses include actionable content, for example, a business builder plan.
Enrichment material is included to aid students further in their understanding of topics.
Some content is aided by the use of Augmented or Virtual Reality.
Gamification is included to enhance the student's learning experience.