Programme Overview

Working together with learning providers to strategise and facilitate enterprise education. We build students with the potential and confidence to achieve great things, through enterprise knowledge, employable skills and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Rocketeer Enterprise: Slingshot is the name for our suite of enterprise and entrepreneurship training courses within educational establishments, educating and training young people, adults and employees. Developed and perfectly aligned to the specific academic and vocational needs of education today amidst the changing economy, the dynamic world of work and of course the digital revolution.

Our focus is to open up exciting opportunities for students by changing mindsets and building confidence around entrepreneurship; opening minds to open doors.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur — from liberal arts majors to engineers to business students. They can be entrepreneurial in startups they initiate, in companies they work for, in social enterprises, and in businesses started and run by their families.
Kerry Healey, President of Babson College


Student Outcomes

Listed below are the benefits to the students taking our programme.

  • Digital Skills – The business world is evolving and adapting. Our courses have a specific focus on digital business.
  • Enterprising Knowledge – Teaching students to be resourceful, problem solvers and to have initiative.
  • Enhanced Employability – Internal entrepreneurialism within companies is becoming a very desirable trait.
  • Mindset Shift – We provide the bridge of knowledge for confidence towards business spirit and entrepreneurship.
  • Business Know-how – All they’ll need to know to become an entrepreneur and start their own enterprise.
  • Student Collaboration – Students can work together in groups via our platform.
  • Accreditation – Our courses are mapped to SFEDI qualifications, and certified by us with digital badges.
  • Remote Access – Students can access their courses online whenever they like.
  • Shaping the Future – The world of work is changing rapidly, so we take care to cater towards educating for any eventuality. 65% of today’s schoolchildren will be employed in jobs that don’t exist yet.

Teacher Benefits

We’ve endeavoured to make delivering our courses a breeze for teachers.

  • Platform – Each of our course are accessible online through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • Structured – Our courses are structured in a straightforward manner into Modules and bite-size Topics with written and video content.
  • Blended – We have taken a blended approach to creating our learning content to maintain the student’s attention and to make it more enjoyable and interesting.
  • Enriched – We provide a lot of enrichment and supplementary learning, so you don’t have to find it yourself.
  • Mentor – Our platform has a simple interface for you to monitor students in your class – accessing uploaded assignments, viewing quiz results and tracking activity.
  • Assignments – If students need to fill in information as they progress, they can do so digitally and export their work as PDF and upload it as an assignment.
  • Training – Don’t have the knowledge to teach this subject? Our Train the Trainer programme will quickly get you up to scratch.



We can offer our courses on a per student basis, or all of them together as part of a license for your whole establishment.

Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are grouped into levels which determine the difficulty, from entry level to level 8. Qualifications at the same level are a similar level of difficulty, but the size and content of the qualifications can vary.

Our levelled courses (1-3) cover a range of subjects around employment, enterprise and starting a business. If you would like more information on the courses we offer please get in touch.


Labs, Start-up IncubatorIncubator (Labs)

This is a hands-on programme that takes the theory based learning from all of our other courses and combines them into one practical programme, where learners develop their business model and start to take action and implement their business plan for real.

This means that learners finish the programme with a live, branded business ready to start generating sales.

Because of the practical nature of this programme, it can’t be delivered fully through distance learning like our other courses (e.g. via our online platform), so if you’re interested please get in touch to discuss implementation.

More information can be found on our ‘Labs’ Incubator Programme.

Whatever results you are striving to achieve we will work with you through strategic development.

Please get in touch for more information or to discuss implementation!

Programme Features
Above are some of the features included in this programme, click them for more information.
Our content consists of video, written and interactive content.
Train the trainer is available for this programme. We are able to train your staff to deliver the course effectively.
Our courses are mapped to qualifications set out by SFEDI Awards and our programmes are recognised by the IOEE.
We support independent learning and offer digital badges for completion of modules.
Students can be provided with online access to our learning platform to complete the programme's courses.
Courses are available in printed format.
Students can have access to their own community of like-minded entrepreneurs to share questions and ideas.
The courses include actionable content, for example, a business builder plan.
Enrichment material is included to aid students further in their understanding of topics.
Some content is aided by the use of Augmented or Virtual Reality.
Gamification is included to enhance the student's learning experience.