The New Workplace and how Tech gave birth to it

The Lowdown

We as a species have seen a number of workplace revolutions happen throughout our brief history.

We have seen people finally settling down in one place and starting to work the land. We have witnessed slave-based systems come and go and the abolition of serfdom. The industrial revolution changed not just the way we worked but where we lived and we have seen a number of innovations designed to improve work output over the years.

Just in the 20th century alone, and especially in the last couple of decades, we have seen the modern workplace slowly evolve and one of the key drivers of that has been technology. Today, we are standing on the cusp of a new form of workplace and understanding this new frontier offers opportunities to both employee and employer alike.

Diminishing Loyalties

Back in the “good old days”, it was all but expected of people to spend their life with the company that first hired them after school. It was almost a matter of pride. You would give your first employer your blood and sweat for 30-odd years and in the end, you would get a gold watch and a pension. You didn’t even consider looking for another job unless you had to move for some reason.

Nowadays, people just do not feel the same kind of loyalty towards their employer. MET Life UK did a study back in 2015 and they unearthed some really serious issues, one of which is that —

Less than a third of employees actually feel loyal to their employer.MET Life UK

There are innumerable reasons as to why people are not feeling as loyal to their current employer as previous generations did and rather than getting involved in finger pointing, we have to recognise that technology has had an impact. It enables workers to look for new opportunities, to improve themselves, develop new skills, build their network and get in touch with potential employers and colleagues. What mustn’t be forgotten, though, is that all of these elements can prove beneficial for businesses as well as the individual.

Going Remote

Another trend that is becoming more and more common and that has the potential to truly define this New Workplace is remote work or telecommuting.

Now, it is not a new invention. It has been around for some time, especially in certain industries, where people can do the work they normally do in the office from anywhere in the world.

However, it is not until very recently that remote working has become so easily adoptable and manageable by even the smallest companies and owners/managers who are now beginning to embrace the advantages that remove working provides.

Thanks to various communication software solutions and the world’s best project management tools, managers can nowadays oversee entire teams of remote workers who do not even have to live in the same country. Channels of communication are open at all times, and often for free, projects are being worked on in flawless collaboration and everyone is being paid remotely using some kind of money transfer setup.

This is not simply transforming already existing companies, but also allowing new entrepreneurs to start up without having to spend large amounts of money on office space, equipment and everything else that comes with opening up an actual office. We have seen the rise of the Gig economy as an offshoot of this changing trend.

Information and Improvement

Of course, we could not even begin to talk about the New Workplace without mentioning one of the biggest steps in the right direction. More precisely, we simply have to talk about the abundance of information that is available to today’s workers and their employers.

We live in a very special age where there is an insane amount of information available to anyone who wishes to obtain it and the best thing is that a large portion of it is either free or very, very affordable.

Why not take Rocketeer as an example? A mere 20 years ago, a company like Rocketeer would have to operate in a single physical location and people who were interested in their programmes would have to spend money to visit this location, stay somewhere while studying and disrupt their lives to do so. For people with limited means, this all but made it impossible to enter such a programme.

Today, it is all done online and while distance learning is nothing new the use of technology makes it so much more effective. It also makes things immeasurably more convenient, but also more democratic since it all becomes more affordable and accessible.

It may seem like a small thing, but it is not.

This is the way in which the world changes and the world changes when people are allowed to obtain information and improve themselves through education.

Closing Word

The New Workplace has the potential to be the best workplace that has ever existed and it can truly and profoundly change the world in which we live.


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